Domestic Transport and Moving

Vnitrostátní stěhování

Because everyone has different needs and financial means, we offer domestic moving and all linked services to suit you in the area of finance as well as comfort. We make a free financial offer including an inspection for each client.

We do the moving and transport of flats and offices. We arrange moving including the whole turnkey logistics providing the above-standard services, too.

  • Free inspection
  • Financial offer meeting your requests
  • Packaging material delivery
  • Furniture dismantling and re-assembling
  • Electrical appliances and consumer electronics disconnection / connection
  • Fragile and frangible object packaging
  • Loading, transport, unloading (not related to floors)
  • ...and more


Global mobility is a part of our above-standard services:

  • Storing in free space or wooden containers
  • Cleaning
  • Eco-friendly disposal

Please do not hesitate to ask us about anything regarding the moving. We like to help you.