Mezinárodní přeprava a stěhování

International Moving

Owning to long-standing experience in the field of international mobility and owning to the network made of more than 1,000 partners, the quality and safe moving worldwide is guaranteed. The way of transport (air, sea, railway, road), used means (packaging, vehicles, material, etc.) and our partners are thoroughly selected to make the final quality, price and term as optimal as possible!

Our membership in these organizations offers and guarantees you:

  • Strict selection of our representatives (quality, reputation, financial means, guarantees, etc.)
  • Dynamic network: everyday exchange of information, regular congresses, collective trainings, etc.
  • Quality standard guarantee abided by group representatives (regular audits done by the company of par Ernst & Young).

The membership in these international groupings is a guarantee of maximum quality and safety for your moved property worldwide.

Depending on where are you moving to and on your needs, you can make use of different kinds of transport, different materials and packaging methods. The perfect operating of offered vehicles is the basic condition of quality services leaving or arriving to your destination. Except for some kinds of moving made only on roads, a moving team and their supervisor is not the same for loading and unloading. Therefore, the selection of partner moving company in a target place is very important.